Ecommerce Website Development Toronto

E-commerce Website Development Toronto

We at AVAJ providing the perfect E-Commerce website design in Toronto, Canada at best price. We utilize the Word Press woocommerce themes and woocommerce WordPress plug-ins to develop the e-commerce website. The woo commerce is the most popular e-commerce plug-ins. Our E-commerce website design increases the user browsing experience. We experienced in creating the high-quality E-Commerce website with recent technology. We mainly focus to design the website with more visibility on online. Every business website needs the potential customers.  AVAJ develop the innovative ecommerce website to get a more numbers of potential customers and also helps to sustain more number of clients. The e-commerce website has a number of features such as easily handle the content management system and secure payment gateways.

We are well skilled in creating the E-commerce website so we know how to impress the visitors on your website. Our e-commerce website enhances to display the details of the product clearly, resilient features like discounts, offer coupons etc. AVAJ Ecommerce website design will be attract worldwide online shoppers. Our ecommerce website development creates the lifetime relationship with your clients and they can get new experience.

AVAJ E-Commerce website design and development process contains the following process

  • Start your E-commerce business websites.
  • Research and analysis about your business.
  • Design your ecommerce business website with high-quality images and eye-catchy icons.
  • Perform the front-end development.
  • Perform the back-end development.
  • Adding the product and its descriptions.
  • Testing your websites.
  • Launch your websites online.

Why you choose AVAJ for your Ecommerce website development?

  • AVAJ completed more numbers of ecommerce website project for various clients in Toronto, Canada.
  • We have the dedicated team to achieve your requirement in time.
  • We specialized in providing the customized website design with site layout, graphic, navigation and appearance.
  • We offer a secure login to manage and prepare product catalogs.
  • We utilize categorized display features for sorting and organization of products.
  • We provide secure online payment integration and payment gateway assistance.
  • We always provide trusted service and customer care.
  • We assure to establish your business and also help to get more leads.

Features of AVAJ Ecommerce Website Development

Wordpress Theme

We develop your ecommerce website using the licensed WordPress theme and its plug-ins.

Responsive design

We provide the responsive design for supporting various types of devices such as android and iphone etc.

Eye catchy icons

We utilize the eye catchy icons for increasing the impression of visitors.

Slider on the Home Page

We display slider on your home page. We provide the 3 numbers of slider for basic plan itself. Based on your requirements it may vary.

Integration of google map

Your business address embeds with google to increase your business visibility on online.

Integration with social network

We increase your business visibility in popular social media websites also such as facebook, twitter, google+ etc.

Image gallery

We provide the more numbers of images under image gallery in your website.

Secure Payment Gateway

We provides the secure payment gateway for getting the customer trust.

Shopping cart

The shopping cart is the integral part of any customer which shows in the position of upper right corner.

Search bar

We provide the search bar for enhancing your conversions.

Product Specification

We provides the individual page for all your business services.

Unlimited WebPages on your website

We provide minimum 10 pages for your website in the basic plan itself additionally you can add the unlimited pages in your website.

Enhance your page management

You can easily manage your website pages.

Video Gallery

Provide the video gallery for your website with advanced features.


Provide the articles related to your business.

Secure your website

Update the website plug-ins and enhance your security.

Customized Menu

You can easily add, edit and delete pages in your website menu with drag and drop options.

Help option

Provide the online help documentation for your customer (Training will be provide based on hours)

Integrate with Email

We provide the email marketing features in your website for increasing the conversation rate.

Display related products

Add the list of related products at the bottom of the page. This helps the customer to find their required products.

Advanced Features of AVAJ Ecommerce Website Development

News and Events

Provide updated news and events related to your business.

Coupon code

If your customer want to utilize your offer, they can use this coupon code.

Rich Snippet Plug-ins

We utilize the rich snippet plug-ins based on your business to increase the priority on the specified page.

Optimize the website speed

This option is used for optimizing your website speed.

Utilize compressed images

We utilize the advanced WordPress advanced plug-ins to automatically optimize your website images.

Product Summary

We can add the product summary to differentiate with the other products.

Live chat

We provide the live chat option can be used to embed with your website for supporting your visitors.

Language options

We can provide your website with multiple languages in different regions.

Personalized items

To enhance your sale, we can show potential customer items based on their purchasing history.

Signup the Newsletter

We provide the newsletter signup form for collecting the customer information. We can send the special offer and any product information to the customer by using this information.

Link to about pages

We provide the link to know more about your business which include affiliate marketing, press and career pages.

Add More Text Content

Add information about your business is helps to the visitors know more about your business.

Breadcrumb navigation

The breadcrumb navigation helps to the visitors can easily browse the product categories.

Accept all payment methods

We develop your ecommerce website with adapt to all types of payment methods.

Shipping method (charge the low shipping cost)

We provide the multiple shipping options for increasing the customer convenient. The shipping options should be the very low-cost shipping option.

Automatic website backup

We should do the automatic backup of your website to enhance your website security.

Develop your website with SEO friendly

We provide the optimized URL, title and Meta tag descriptions etc.

Technical PDF documents download

We provide the technical documents for increasing the customer convenience to know more about your product information.

Minimize reducers

Add a few good risk reducers like free shipping and return offers to attract your potential customers.


The wishlist option increases customer convenience. Sometimes, a customer interest to buy the product but decided to buy later. This option helps find the product when they visit your website later.

Multilevel security

Security is one of the important factors of all ecommerce business. Apart from the SSL certificate we provide the strong security on homepage and contact forms.