Responsive Website Designing Services in Toronto, Canada

Mobile Friendly Websites

AVAJ web design company in Toronto, Canada expert in responsive website design services for all type of industries. Our responsive website design leads to view the websites in all devices such as desktops, tablets and smart phones like android and iphone. AVAJ offer professional, innovative and creative responsive web design at affordable price. Your visitors can feel that you are having technically updated mobile compatible website.   This will improve the company status.

Due to the dramatic change of usage of mobile phones, the responsive website design is essential for all business websites. We developed more numbers of quality responsive websites in Toronto.  So, our team is qualified with all the basic strategies in the development of responsive websites to extend your business in Toronto.

Our development and designing team specialized in handling of various advanced tools.  Google is giving priority for mobile responsive websites. This will increase the visitor’s impression. Whether you are the small or large scale industries, our design services helps to your business and also can get loyal customers. Our responsive website design helps to increase the traffic of brand engagement, increase the session time and reduce the bounce rate of your websites. In recent days, many numbers of users access the websites through mobile phone only. Our responsive website design helps to get more visitors from all the platforms. Our responsive website design helps to manage the traffic, load the page as quickly as possible, increase the user interaction with your website and also increase the ranks of your websites all the search engines.

Responsive website design cost in Toronto

AVAJ offer responsive website design at no additional cost. The price of web design includes the mobile responsiveness. For the past five years we at AVAJ in Toronto developing all the websites as mobile responsive. We are proud to say that we are the first responsive website designing company in Toronto.  Some of our clients have two different version of website for mobile and desktop. AVAJ can design and maintain two different version of website for the single domain name. The browser will detect the device automatically and based on the device the version will load on the visitor’s device.

Why AVAJ is developing the responsive website design?

  • Increase in global mobile device users 2 billion smart phone users.
  • Each phone user checks their mobile devices 150 times per day.
  • Increase the global internet users. According to the report of Canadian Internet registration authority (CIRA), Canada has the more numbers of internet users in the world.
  • Responsive website design helps to save money and save time.
  • Allow wider browser support.
  • Google recommend the responsive website design.

Conversion of Static website into Responsive Website in Toronto

AVAJ helps to convert your existing static website into responsive website in Toronto at affordable cost. Before convert your static website, AVAJ team analyse the key features of responsiveness. Based on the key features, AVAJ team design the responsive website. Recent survey says, 81% of people are using responsive website design to make their website responsive. Why people prefer responsive website design rather than static website design, its ability to fit various screen resolutions.

How the responsive website design helps your business?

In traditional marketing, for increasing awareness, business would launch advertising campaigns that collects the maximum number of people awareness. In the internet marketing, building a website is basically aimed at making an online presence. Recent days, more people are accessing the internet using different types of gadgets, so responsive website design helps to reach your targeting audience.